Handbook - Acting

The Actors fill the most visible role in a production and therefore get most of the praise so it is important that they accept their share of responsibilities. The most obvious of these are to rehearse and have learned their lines, moves and body language by the date that the Director says "books down".

Actors have a major duty to each other to turn up at rehearsals and help each other interpret their parts. As much notice as possible.

There should be an open and co-operative spirit during rehearsals during which everybody should feel free to make (and accept) suggestions but all should recognise that the Director has the ultimate authority.ssible should be given if a rehearsal must be missed.

As much as possible, Actors should help all the other members by trying to find their own costumes and props, helping with publicity, selling as many tickets as possible to friends and colleagues, assisting at the Get-in & Get-out and perhaps even being an ASM.

During the production run the Actors are supported by the Prompt who must know the play very well and will prompt not only in show week but also at rehearsals - at least after "books down" day. The Prompt's only (though difficult) role is to unobtrusively supply a line when an Actor can't do it him or herself.