Handbook - Business

The Business Manager is responsible for ensuring that as many people as possible come to see the play and are well looked after while they are there. The first job is to arrange for the production and distribution of publicity material, particularly posters and booking forms. These should go to libraries, the University Drama Studio and other theatres, tourist board offices, hotels and anywhere else that members can think to take them. Emails should be sent out to everybody on the mailing list, and social media should be used.

Secondly the media should be informed including the free papers and the radio stations. If possible some sort of 'story' and a photograph should be provided to encourage an article rather than just a listing entry. At the same time the theatre critics should be invited to the performance.

The Business Manager should also arrange for the design and production of the programme which should be checked for accuracy by as many people as possible, especially the Director and the Production Manager.

In consultation with the committee the Business Manager should appoint a Front of House (FOH) Manager, Ticket Secretary and Box Office Manager.

The Front of House Manager is responsible for the safety and comfort of the audience at public performances. To do this he or she must appoint 4 Ushers for each night. There are strict safety regulations which prevent the curtain going up if not enough ushers are present so reliability is important. Ushers also sell programmes. Also required are 2 Caterers to prepare and serve coffee, orange juice and biscuits.

The Ticket Secretary sells the tickets in the weeks before the play. Posters and booking forms will include the Ticket Secretary's address and the society's ticket phone number, ticket email and social media. Ticket sales will start many weeks before the performance.

The Box Office Manager sells tickets at the theatre on the public performance days.