Handbook - Glossary
Books Down  The date by which the Actors have been told to learn all their lines, i.e. when they have to put their 'books down' in rehearsals. 
Dress Rehearsal  The last rehearsal before the Opening Night, performed in full costume (i.e. Dress) and make-up. For Midland Players this is always the Tuesday night. 
Get-In  The first day in which we 'get in' to the theatre to build the set, bring in the props and set up the lighting and sound. For Midland Players this is the first Sunday, usually at 10 am. 
Get-Out  The morning after the last performance of a production when we remove all our props from the theatre and repatriate them. 
Props (Properties) Any objects required for the play. These range from personal props, carried by the actors (e.g. a cigarette case) to large items of furniture. 
SADATA  The Sheffield And District Amateur Theatrical Association is a grouping of local drama groups. SADATA provides criticisms of productions on request and holds an annual one act play festival. 
Strike  Breaking the set and tidying things up after the last performance, ready for the Get-Out the next day. This is on Saturday night for us. 
Tech(nical) Rehearsal  The penultimate rehearsal, primarily for the benefit of the technicians - sound, lighting, props and general stage management - rather than the actors. This is on the Monday night for us.