Handbook - Timetable
Choose and cast the play  Starting 6 months before the production we hold readings to choose and cast the next play. 
Start rehearsals  About 3 months before the production, we bigin rehearsals, usually 2 per week. Detailed planning and preparation begins for costumes, props, furniture, sounds, lights and set. 
Up the tempo  1 month before the production, Rehearsals may increase in frequency. They will move towards full runs rather than repeated sections of the play. Some construction may take place of props, furniture and special components of the set.
Get-in  10:00am Sunday Morning we get into the theatre and begin set construction, lighting and sound preparation 
Get-in plus 1 day  Monday. If the set is complex we may pay to come in to the theatre in the afternoon to finish it off. Technical rehearsal held in the evening. Photos usually taken today or tomorrow. 
Get-in plus 2 days  Tuesday. Dress rehearsal in the evening. 
First Night  Wednesday. First Public performance. 
Second and Third Nights  Thursday and Friday public performances. 
Last Night  Saturday. Last performance followed by the Strike of the set and removing all props, costumes and furniture from the theatre. Then the Party. 
Get-out  Sunday Morning 10:00am we return all props, costumes and furniture to the store or their owners.
Wind down  Sometime in the following 2 weeks we usually have a wind-down event like a reading,
Social events 
When we aren't rehearsing we try to hold social events such as readings and games evenings.