Next Show - Our 2017 project, Mind Games - 4 short plays by Neil LaBute
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Midland's summer project concept returns for the second year, this time with a fantastic evening of four short plays by acclaimed stage and screen writer, Neil LaBute, 
arguably the most provocative playwright in modern theatre for his frank examinations of human nature and the extent to which people deceive and manipulate. 

All four plays examine the mind games played within relationships.

We will perform these plays in 2 different venues over 4 consecutive nights:

-  Queen's Social Club in Sheffield (28 & 29 June)
-  Chapel Playhouse, Chapel en le Frith (30 June and 1 July)

In the beginning - A father tries to draw the line with his protesting daughter...

The great war- A divorcing couple look to divide their assets...

Over the river and through the woods - a young woman confides a dreadful secret...

A guy walks into a bar - A girl makes a shocking offer to a guy in a bar....

....but what are any of them REALLY thinking?

Renowned for his brutally honest and often comic portrayals of human relationships,Neil LaBute spins four tales of deception and manipulation.

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