Our Next Show - Agatha Christie's Go Back for Murder

Our next Show at the University of Sheffield Drama Studio is the classic Agatha Christie murder mystery 'Go Back For Murder' and will run from 20th to 23rd September 2017. Rehearsals are going well. Order Tickets.

Carla Crale lives with a disturbing secret; her mother, Caroline, died in prison convicted of poisoning Carla’s father. Receiving a letter from beyond the grave in which Caroline proclaims her innocence, Carla becomes obsessed, determined to clear her mother’s name. Enlisting young solicitor, and son of her mother’s defence lawyer, Justin Fogg, she persuades those present on the day of her father’s death to ‘go back’ to the murder to examine memories warped by time, prejudice and, possibly, misdirection. 

A classic Agatha Christie murder mystery, Go Back For Murder takes intrigue, subterfuge, passion and misdirection to a terrible and chilling conclusion. 

Don’t miss this fantastic show. Performs 20-23 September at Sheffield University Drama Studio, all tickets £8. Doors open 7pm, curtain up at 7.30pm.

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