Our Next Show

Terry Prachett's®  Guards! Guards!

Adapted by Stephen Briggs

Our next show will be 

Terry Pratchett's® 

Guards! Guards!

A Discworld play®

 adapted by Stephen Briggs

At the University of Sheffield

 Drama Studio, 

Wed 14th to Sat 17th February 2024

Show starts 7:30pm, Doors open 7:00pm with some pre-show activity from 7:15

Tickets £13 or £10 concessions

It is very unlikely that a significant number of seats will become available again, but if you really want to check, you can try to...

Terry Pratchett's® fantastical Discworld® city of Ankh-Morpork is under siege from a 60-foot dragon. Defending against this threat is the entire underpaid, undervalued Night Watch - a drunken and world-weary Captain; a cowardly and overweight Sergeant; a small, opportunistic Corporal of dubious parentage; and their newest recruit, Lance Constable Carrot, who is upright, literal, law-abiding and keen. Aiding them in their fight for truth, justice, and the Ankh-Morporkian way are a small swamp dragon and the Librarian of the Unseen University (who just happens to be an Orangutan).

Midland Players bring the Discworld® to life in this wonderful adaptation of Terry Pratchett's® classic. 

If you are unable to book online then please email tickets@midlandplayers.co.uk or call 0774 666 1508

The front row seats have level access from the side entrance. Please only book them if you have a condition which means you or your party need them. They fold up allowing a wheelchair to be placed in front of them. Please let us know if you need to sit in a wheelchair for the performance so we can allocate the width of 2 seats per wheelchair.

Tickets are not normally refundable, but date and seating choices can usually be changed.

‘Terry Pratchett’® and ‘Discworld’® are registered trademarks.