Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare

Shakespeare's timeless classic of doomed love. Set against the filter of Prohibition-era Chicago, our two warring families are re-imagined as competing bootlegging families. Inevitably, a chance encounter at the Capulet ball has young Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet falling in love. With their innocent declaration, a terrible chain of events begin to play out, reaching far beyond the families, leaving bloodshed wherever it goes. So, pull up a chair, take a swig of Moonshine. As the old monologue goes....

"Two bootlegging families both alike in dignity in fair Chicago where we lay our scene. With Prohibition biting hard Shakespeare’s tale of doomed love came to life in a basement speakeasy. Sometimes no matter how much you might wish for a happy ending it never happens."

Cast and Crew

Click here for the full album. Images by Andy Staley, Restless Focus